Our Retail Product Customers Say…

  • Fiona Neale, CEO of Issada Cosmetics, says:

    I have used other printing companies in the past, but was let down by poor quality workmanship. Since I switched to Colour Crew I haven’t looked back. They are the most professional and most reliable printing company I have ever dealt with.

    In the cosmetics industry, beauty and quality are imperative — our brand depends on it.  This is one industry in which the packaging is almost as important as the product itself. The quality of the ink and the print process must be of the highest order because if the printing rubs off our brand name is lost from the product.

    That’s why I use Colour Crew as my decorator. The prints they produce are sharp and very hardwearing — they don’t scratch, peel, or rub off.

    The high quality of printing that Colour Crew provides plays a big role in supporting our brand image. They ensure that our products look great and that our brand name stays put on every item.

    What impressed me most about their service was their really fast turnaround time. They are very friendly and helpful, and they always keep their promises — when they say they’ll do something, they do it!