Our Industrial Product Customers Say…

  • Leo Varricchio, of Autostrada, says:

    We have been using Colour Crew for many years now and have been very happy with the quality of workmanship they provide.

    Our printed components are used in the automobile industry (most notably on control switches for Holden and Suzuki), which means – items can be subjected to very harsh conditions — high temperatures, abrasion and sunlight. Only the best inks and skilled printing processes will ensure a durable finish that won’t scratch, wear or discolour over time.  In order to keep our customers happy, we need to be confident that the components we supply will last under these conditions.

    Colour Crew offer excellent service and the quality of their work is fantastic. They are very helpful and reliable, and we never have any problems getting our projects done on time. In fact, they often deliver jobs earlier than expected.

    We highly recommend Colour Crew to anyone who has industrial products that require professional printing.