Our Customers Say…

  • Fiona Neale, CEO of Issada Cosmetics, says:

    I have used other printing companies in the past, but was let down by poor quality workmanship. Since I switched to Colour Crew I haven’t looked back. They are the most professional and most reliable printing company I have ever dealt with.

    In the cosmetics industry, beauty and quality are imperative — our brand depends on it.  This is one industry in which the packaging is almost as important as the product itself. The quality of the ink and the print process must be of the highest order because if the printing rubs off our brand name is lost from the product.

    That’s why I use Colour Crew as my decorator. The prints they produce are sharp and very hardwearing — they don’t scratch, peel, or rub off.

    The high quality of printing that Colour Crew provides plays a big role in supporting our brand image. They ensure that our products look great and that our brand name stays put on every item.

    What impressed me most about their service was their really fast turnaround time. They are very friendly and helpful, and they always keep their promises — when they say they’ll do something, they do it!

  • Leo Varricchio, of Autostrada, says:

    We have been using Colour Crew for many years now and have been very happy with the quality of workmanship they provide.

    Our printed components are used in the automobile industry (most notably on control switches for Holden and Suzuki), which means – items can be subjected to very harsh conditions — high temperatures, abrasion and sunlight. Only the best inks and skilled printing processes will ensure a durable finish that won’t scratch, wear or discolour over time.  In order to keep our customers happy, we need to be confident that the components we supply will last under these conditions.

    Colour Crew offer excellent service and the quality of their work is fantastic. They are very helpful and reliable, and we never have any problems getting our projects done on time. In fact, they often deliver jobs earlier than expected.

    We highly recommend Colour Crew to anyone who has industrial products that require professional printing.

  • Peter Riley, Managing Partner of Key Merchandise, says:

    We use Colour Crew for all our pad printing requirements, because they are reliable, and their print quality is second to none. Their service is outstanding as they always deliver to our requested deadlines. 

    In every instance, Colour Crew accurately interprets our instructions and supplies finished artwork according to our client’s exact specifications.

    The Colour Crew team will let you know before they start the job if there are any foreseeable problems. The whole process runs smoothly because they are so professional.

    Any artwork inadequacies or late supply of stock is promptly communicated to us for follow-up with our suppliers. This high standard of service ensures that we, in turn, do not disappoint our customers by missing deadlines.

    Colour Crew also have an excellent pre-approval process, providing us with scale, line-art print positionals, colour break-ups and job summaries, which we can forward to our clients for approval. Full costing is also supplied with all initial art proofs, thus ensuring no hidden charges are incurred at a later date.

    We highly recommend Colour Crew as our decorator of choice. They have partnered us over the past 10 years, and we will continue to utilize their services for the foreseeable future.

  • John Steptoe, Director of Sunstate Promotions Pty Ltd, says:

    I use Colour Crew rather than the suppliers to do my pad printing, because Colour Crew simply does a much better job!

    They handle standard runs exceptionally well and I never have any hassles when I get my printing done by them.

    They’re also more open to doing something out-of-the-ordinary, which means we can offer our clients many more options — so they can really get creative with their promotional printing ideas.

    Colour Crew are really flexible and accommodating. They have the insight and experience to make unusual jobs happen when other suppliers might not even take them on.

    Mike and Sally are always willing to listen to what you want, and help you out with good advice and practical recommendations.

    You never have to ring them up and chase them to find out where your order is. They are proactive and will let you know about any potential issues (before they become problems) so you always know what’s going on.

    What’s more, the quality of work Colour Crew produces is simply unbeatable!

  • Suzie Bradcock, Business Development Manager of Salmark Promotions, says:

    I use Colour Crew for pad printing because:

    Their print quality is second to none! I NEVER have to worry about something coming back with the wrong PMS colour or a washed out print

    They take care in their artwork-approval stage so that location, logo size etc. are always correct.

    They are extremely professional in every aspect of their business.

    Colour Crew know what they are doing, and, of course service is always given with a smile!