Promotional Product Pad Printing

We are pad printers — not product retailers — so we’re always focused on providing you with the best print service possible.

There are many benefits associated with using a trade pad print provider, which are simply not available to you when you buy printed product from the importers or indent it from overseas. 

Use Colour Crew, and you will:

  • Save Money.  Why pay product suppliers to outsource your printing, when you can buy it direct?  Take a moment to compare our prices with what you pay for pre-printed product, and you’ll find using a trade printer is a very cost effective option!
  • Be in Control. When you work directly with the people who print every day, you’ll always get good advice when something out of the ordinary pops up, as well as immediate help when you need to commit to urgent timelines.
  • Save Time. Centralising your print buying allows you to check on production progress of several jobs with just one phone call and streamline proofing and artwork when printing several products for the same customer.
  • increase Customer Satisfaction.  By using one printer, you ensure your customers’ printed product will be of uniform good quality and colour — no matter what the product is or which supplier you source it from. And you can count on the same result with every repeat order.
  • Streamline Delivery. With one print supplier, it’s easy to coordinate orders. So your customer receives all their products in one delivery and on time. Alternatively, several customer jobs can be bundled for one delivery to your showroom for forwarding.  Either way, you’ll save on freight and time.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients had to say about our services:

John Steptoe, Director of Sunstate Promotions
“I use Colour Crew rather than the suppliers to do my pad printing, because Colour Crew simply does a much better job!

They handle standard runs exceptionally well and I never have any hassles when I get my printing done by them. They’re also more open to doing something out-of-the-ordinary, which means we can offer our clients many more options — so they can really get creative with their promotional printing ideas.
Colour Crew are really flexible and accommodating. They have the insight and experience to make unusual jobs happen when other suppliers might not even take them on.

Mike and Sally are always willing to listen to what you want, and help you out with good advice and practical recommendations.

You never have to ring them up and chase them to find out where your order is. They are proactive and will let you know about any potential issues (before they become problems) so you always know what’s going on.

What’s more, the quality of work Colour Crew produces is simply unbeatable!”

Peter Riley, Managing Partner of Key Merchandise, says:
We use Colour Crew for all our pad printing requirements, because they are reliable, and their print quality is second to none. Their service is outstanding as they always deliver to our requested deadlines. 
In every instance, Colour Crew accurately interprets our instructions and supplies finished artwork according to our client’s exact specifications. The Colour Crew team will let you know before they start the job if there are any foreseeable problems. The whole process runs smoothly because they are so professional. Any artwork inadequacies or late supply of stock is promptly communicated to us for follow-up with our suppliers. This high standard of service ensures that we, in turn, do not disappoint our customers by missing deadlines.

Colour Crew also have an excellent pre-approval process, providing us with scale, line-art print positionals, colour break-ups and job summaries, which we can forward to our clients for approval. Full costing is also supplied with all initial art proofs, thus ensuring no hidden charges are incurred at a later date.

We highly recommend Colour Crew as our decorator of choice. They have partnered us over the past 10 years, and we will continue to utilize their services for the foreseeable future.”

And what Suzie Badcock, Business Development Manager of Salmark Promotions, said:

“Product suppliers often have very rigid decoration guidelines, which means you have no room to be creative or do anything unusual.
Colour Crew have the flexibility and experience to excel at both the “run-of-the-mill” jobs as well as the more unusual ones.

They are very professional in every aspect of their work — ensuring that they have our stock, making sure the print work is done correctly the first time and letting your know about any potential problems before printing commences.

They take the time to talk to you and really get to know what you’re after, they’ll advise you of the best way to get a great result that your clients will love. and they keep you in the loop by always letting you know the status of your job.

The quality of work they produce is simply the best in the industry.”

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Looking to buy promotional products?

Colour Crew is a trade-only supplier of pad printing services.

If you are looking to purchase promotional products for your business we recommend you use an APPA accredited distributor.

To find your local APPA accredited distributor, please use the APPA distributor search facility.


Pad Print Sam says…

“Although we’ll never meet your customers, we know that if you sell them a product with a print that wears off or one that looks shabby before its time, they won’t be happy and they won’t come back.

You don’t want to be:

  • Wasting time chasing up jobs,
  • Worrying about late delivery or
  • Arguing over quality.

You want it done right, first time — and that is why we are here.”

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Need to print on kids toys, and other promotional items where safety is a concern?

We use ONLY non-toxic, eco-friendly inks sourced from a Sony-accredited Green Partner. This means that all our inks meet the EU standards for ‘Safety on Toys’ — so you can trust us with your sensitive printing jobs.

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