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Colour Crew provide high quality, economical and efficient pad printing on promotional products in one to six spot colours, as well as process colour printing. Colour Crew can also print on parts and components used in demanding industrial applications, such as automotive and pharmaceutical products, machinery components as well as retail and commercial products.

Promotional Pad Printing

Industrial Pad Printing

You can rest assured that all work will be carried out economically and efficiently because:

  • We use the right ink for the job. We maintain a full range of inks and hardeners to ensure vibrant, durable prints whatever your PMS colour requirements may be.
  • In-house pre-press.  Your print can only be as good as the artwork that produced it, so we maintain in-house artwork, film, and plate making facilities to ensure there’s no loss of clarity or artwork detail at ANY stage of the production process.
  • Pre-treatment. Our corona pre-treatment equipment allows us to print to those hard-to-handle plastics (like polypropylene and polyethylene) with minimum fuss.
  • Oven curing. Our low-fire curing facilities make durable, cost effective printing on glassware and ceramics a reality.

You can trust us to produce quality pad printing every time because:

  • We use quality European printing presses to ensure accurate colour registration and repeatability AND we know how to use them because we’ve been trained by the people who make them — not by salesmen.
  • We use Printcolor High Performance Ink because it guarantees the most opaque, vibrant, and accurate PMS colours possible (even on coloured substrates) with maximum ink adhesion and print life.  We know how to apply and cure the prints and prepare products for printing because we’ve been trained by the ink manufacturers, in their factory.
  • Our ‘best-practice’ waste management procedures and modern ink formulations (sourced from a Sony-accredited Green Partner) means your job will have the smallest environmental foot print possible and its production won’t endanger the health of your customers, our staff, or local wild life. Take a look at Our Eco Credentials.
  • We have many years of wide ranging experience in printing and pre-press and can give you good advice on what works and how to avoid potential problems in the planning stage.
  • Each project is carefully tracked and rigorous quality control measures are applied at every stage of the job. From the moment your order appears it is monitored to ensure:
  • Correct artwork and product have been received
  • Print application is correct in colour, position, registration
  • Products are repacked and despatched on time to the correct address

AND our QA system doesn’t end there. Detailed records are kept to ensure consistency between print orders.

BUT don’t take our word for it… read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Q: What is pad printing?
A: Pad printing is a versatile print process that uses a silicone pad to transfer an image from an etched plate onto a wide range of product surfaces including glass, metal, ceramics, and a wide variety of plastics.
Q: What makes pad printing unique?
A: The flexible pad allows us to print on flat or three-dimensional objects, and irregular surfaces. Unlike screen print and engraving, pad printing can reproduce very fine detail and shades in single and multiple colours and process colour images with ease.

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Our Customers Say…

Leo Varricchio, of Autostrada, says:

We have been using Colour Crew for many years now and have been very happy with the quality of workmanship they provide.

Our printed components are used in the automobile industry (most notably on control switches for Holden and Suzuki), which means – items can be subjected to very harsh conditions — high temperatures, abrasion and sunlight. Only the best inks and skilled printing processes will ensure a durable finish that won’t scratch, wear or discolour over time.  In order to keep our customers happy, we need to be confident that the components we supply will last under these conditions.

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